Requirements for Clear-Com Award

Nominees must be completing or have completed an undergraduate or graduate degree within the last two years.


  • USITT members may nominate people for these awards. Student members may not nominate themselves or other student members.
  • Nominees and nominators must be current USITT member. (note: student cannot be nominated using an organizational membership).
  • Awards are open to all ages and recognize promising newcomers in each award area.

Nominators must cite work that features the application of excellent stage management skills in the performing arts. Examples must be cited that demonstrate excellence in areas such as:

  • Effective rehearsal and performance management
  • Script notation and calling the show - do not send multiple prompt scripts
  • Preparation and effective use of schedules, shift plots, and running sheets (one show)
  • Working with the director, actors, and designers
  • Effective collaboration with the production staff
  • Team building and personnel management
  • Computer applications


  • Submitted documents/materials may include up to eight samples of nominees work
  • Five plates of digital images are required; an additional three are optional (eight total).
  • “Plate” refers to a single image or collage of images. Maximum size and resolution is 18 x 24 inches, 200dpi.
  • PDF format only.

Nomination will be open from
Sept 1 - Nov 1