Aubrey Sirtautas, 2017 Clear-Com Stage Management Award winner

Sponsored by USITT Contributing Member Clear-Com Intercom Systems of Berkeley, California
Clear-Com Intercom Systems is a leading manufacturer of intercom systems for the entertainment industry.

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Updated! Requirements & Eligibility

Winners of this award receives a $1,000 & Conference registration for USITT Conference & Stage Expo

Awards presentation: March 14-17, 2017
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Past Winners

2017 Aubrey Sirtautas
2016 Julie Maury
2015 Tyler Jacobson
2014 AJ Cook
2013 Peyton Becker
2012 David Beller
2011 Siobhan Ruane
2010 Bekah Wachenfeld
2009 E. J. Wilson
2008 Claire Diedrich
2007 Tarin Hurstell
2006 Tanase Popa
2005 Rachael King (in honor of Winston Morgan)
2004 John R. Gruber (in honor of Elynmarie Kazle)
2003 Brian S. Newman (in honor of Cynthia Poulson)
2002 2002 Timothy R. Semon (in honor of Thomas A. Kelley)
2001 Adina L. North (in honor of James T. McDermott)