International Activities Committee

Responsible for establishing contact and maintaining communication with international organizations, associations and professional groups and for coordination of the international efforts of USITT.

Committee Members
Loren Schreiber, Chair
Alexandra Bonds
Paul Brunner
Alessia Carpoca
Travis DeCastro
Marketa Fantova
Karen Glass
Matt Kizer
Patricia MacKay
Margaret Mitchell
Treva Reimer
Kevin Rigdon
Fereshteh Rostampour
Robert Scales

Commission Liaisons
Shan Ayers, Education Commission
David Budries, Sound Design & Technology Commission
Laura Crow, Costume Design & Technology Commission
Rob Eastman-Mullins, Scene Design & Technology Commission
LaVahn Hoh, Health & Safety Commission
Sabrina Hamilton, Lighting Design & Technology Commission
Loren Schreiber, Technical Production Commission
Mark Shanda, Publications Committee

OISTAT Commission Representatives
Laura J. Crow, Costume Working Group
David Budries, Sound Working Group
Rob Eastman-Mullins, Scenography
Sabrina Hamilton, Lighting Working Group
William Kenyon, Education
Michael Ramsaur, OISTAT Centre
David Rodger, Publications
Fritz Schwentker, Technology
Carl Walling, History & Theory