Student Chapters

Groups of students at an institution (secondary school, college, or university) or in a limited geographical area can form a USITT Student Chapter.

Chapters are supervised by at least one sponsor, a USITT member in good standing, who provides guidance and counsel. Members of Student Chapters elect officers and sponsor programs and events for their local communities. They can also travel together to attend exhibitions, events, and to the Annual Conference & Stage Expo. Charters are granted and renewed for one-year terms by the Vice-President for Members, Sections, & Chapters.

Interested in forming a Student Chapter? Download and read the Student Chapter Formation Guidelines. After reading the formation guidelines, please download an application form   here. Please contact the USITT office at 800-938-7488 ext 104 with any questions.

Student Chapter Formation Guidelines
Student Chapter Application (Word .doc)
Student Chapter Application (Pdf)