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Help USITT to support research projects, special exhibitions, awards, fellowships, and more by making a tax-deductible donation. Download a form here to donate.  Or Click on the Fund name to give to a specific fund.  If you are a USITT member please login before selecting a fund!

General Operations
Support the day-to-day general operations of the Institute. This giving option was made
available in 2010 after several members requested the option to contribute to general operating expenses.
  Edward F. Kook Fund 
Edward F. Kook was a founder of the famous Century Lighting Company, a past USITT President, and a long-time champion of theatre design and lighting technology. The Kook fund is the primary source of support for the research and development activities of USITT members. Over the years this fund has provided tens of thousands of dollars for grants and fellowships.

New Century Fund
The Fellows of USITT established this fund in 1993 for donations to foster special projects, awards, and scholarships in support of students and young professionals. Specific projects supported by this fund include: Student Conference Support, the Awards for Young Designers & Technicians in the Performing Arts, and the Gateway Project to promote Diversity in our field. Annual gifts not designated for a specific purpose are allocated so that 75% is available for direct support of students and young professionals in the following year. The remaining 25% is invested to build support in the future.
  The USITT Diversity Initiative
Created in 2013, the Diversity Initiative is an effort by USITT to open doors and be more inclusive of people underrepresented in our field.  The Gateway Program is a key part of this Initiative. By funding the expenses of young people of color and other underrepresented groups, we work to open doors and help forward careers for the next generation.  Each student is paired with a professional mentor to introduce them to people, provide insight and advice, and begin a professional network.  Two African-American students each year are named Tayneshia Jefferson Mentees in memory of USITT Board Member Tayneshia Jefferson who died in 2013.  This program was built based on her stated dreams and hopes for such in USITT.

The Rigging Safety Initiative
The Rigging Safety Initiative was established in 2011 to provide rigging inspections and safety training in the public and private schools in the United States.  Through the support of our participating partners, inspections and training are provided by ETCP certified technicians at a greatly reduced cost.  For each $1000 in the fund, we can inspect and offer training at a school.


The USITT Fund, which is permanently restricted, is currently accepting contributions to build principal, with interest earned dedicated to supporting future USITT projects. The fund was established by gifts specifically recognizing the Institute's 50th Anniversary.


Samuel H. Scripps International Fund 
Gifts made to this fund are used to build the fund principal, with the interest earned dedicated to supporting a variety of activities, including the Prague Quadrennial and travel grants to USITT members and students.

The Fellows Fund

The Fellows Fund is a temporarily restricted fund that provides financial support to new activities for the Institute.  Any Institute member can request project funding and all requests are reviewed by the Fellows Fund Committee.  Projects seeking funding from this source should be of benefit to the membership and fall outside of normal funding areas.