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USITT’s Grants enhance the Institute’s vision of increasing the knowledge and skills of its members through financial support of scholarly research and innovative thinking. Grants have promoted lifelong learning and creative development of ideas.

Project Grants
USITT general Grants are funded in amounts up to $10,000 and are intended to support specific projects in design and/or technology. Applications are due mid January of each funding year. Funding years alternate between Grants and Fellowships. No later than 15 months after receipt of a USITT Project Grant, a written report must be submitted to the USITT Office for review by the Grants & Fellowships Committee.  The 2014 application cycle for general grants is now open.

International Artist Exchange Grant 
 This grant is designated to support institutions working together to integrate international theatre artists into their offerings for the purpose of enhancing the educational opportunities and cultural exchange for students and faculty. This grant is now accepting applications.

International Travel Grant
This grant is now accepting applications.  Applications are due December 1, 2013.
This grant has been established to support USITT student and individual/professional members in achieving international travel for education and research in theatre related fields.  The grant application process is open to USITT students in odd years and individuals/professionals in even years. 

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