Prague Quadrennial 2015


JUNE 15-25, 2015


The artistic leadership of the 13th Prague Quadrennial Announced the theme for 2015 is SHARED SPACE: WEATHER MUSIC POLITICS 

The United States team is working to create our National Exhibit,(SUBMIT DESIGNS FOR CONSIDERATION BY JULY 14) Student Exhibit, and Architecture Exhibit to represent the finest in performance design in the United States since 2011.


USITT - USA 2015  invites professionals, educators and students working in the area of  performing arts, applied scenography, architecture, urbanism, urban performance, performance art, and performance installation art to submit their work for the USITT - USA 2015 National Exhibit, Student Exhibit or Architecture/Space Exhibit.

  • Learn about the National Exhibit  -- SUBMIT DESIGNS BY JULY 14, 2014        

  • Learn about the Student Exhibit

  • Learn about the Architecture Exhibit

    What is PQ:

    The Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space is the largest performance design event in the world; it is often described as the Olympics or World Fair for performance designers. In recent times, the PQ has served as a meeting point for artists from every continent, artists whose traditions and professional lives might not otherwise converge. By exhibiting thousands of designs from dozens of countries, and by bringing together designers, directors, students, as well as the general public, the PQ provides an unprecedented exchange of ideas that goes well beyond the narrow confines of theatrical design and style. With four major categories of exhibits; National, Thematic, Architectural and Student, the PQ has been a major factor in shaping the direction of world theatre and live performance for the past forty years.
    The PQ will be held in Prague, Czech Republic in June 2015. The USITT curators and designers have begun work conceptualizing an exhibit that is responsive to the themes of the 2015 PQ, as established by Prague.