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SOUND LAB is a full immersion education experience where sound designers in the theatre and entertainment industries learn hands-on techniques and technical information about the latest innovations in audio for live performance. 

This year features equipment from participating companies Meyer Sound Labs, d&b, PreSonus Audio, Alcons Audio, 1602 Group TiMax, Shure, Lectrosonics and more!

SOUND LAB is where professionals of all levels can experience and experiment with gear from prominent manufacturers under live conditions. Manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and software providers of special interest to sound professionals will be showcased.

All who attend the Annual Conference will have a chance to experience SOUND LAB since the USITT Keynote featuring Jaston Williams will be held in the Arena.

SOUND LAB provides a unique venue to explore and experience the latest in sound technology and professional practice in a hands-on environment.

We're handing you the keys to this Ferrari!  The event will expand and focus on sound reinforcement and concert sound. The Fort  Worth Convention Center Arena will have a full-scale stage equipped with a full-on concert sound and lighting system–with unique twists to bring education to the forefront and enable participants to actually mix in a 10,000 seat venue.

SOUND LAB 2012- Long Beach, CA

Every day will include a small concert with a local band or performer. The mix will actually be a digital split to two identical consoles, each of which will be staffed with both a professional mixer and lab participants.

This setup will allow the consoles to alternate song-to-song, giving the inactive console group enough time to set up their upcoming mix offline while the band is playing.

A series of manufacturer-driven mini-clinics covering very specific topics is planned using the lab system.