Advertise with USITT

There are many opportunities to partner with USITT and promote your business or organization.


Advertise at USITT.ORG to put your message in front of over 3,000 unique viewers each week.  With an ad in rotation, you get unlimited impressions and click throughs for a purchased time frame.  Our site views average over 5 pages and 3:30 minutes per visit.  You will get your message across with this option.  To know more, contact our advertising staff.

The interactive STAGE EXPO MAP gives a limited number of exhibitors at STAGE EXPO the chance to place their ad and link in front of visitors each time the expo map is opened online or via mobile.  Contact the USITT OFFICE for more information on this high value, limited supply opportunity.

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USITT's quarterly journal TD&T is read by over 85% of the membership, many of whom say they pass it along to others in their business or school.  Advertising in TD&T puts your information in the hands of product users with ads placed to maximize your exposure.  Take the opportunity to put yoru information in this widely read publication.

The Annual Membership Directory is a resource used and distributed year round.  Found on the desks of people across the industry the membership directory is a resource used by USITT members again and again.  Distributed each fall to the full membership, it continues distribution throughout the year with each new member receiving a copy regardless of when they join.

The Annual Conference & Stage Expo printed program places member and exhibitor advertisements in the hands of each person attending the most complete theatre conference and expo in the nation.  With attendees from across North America and the globe, your advertisement will reach dedicated theatre artisans who are looking to make contacts.

Member advantage discounts apply for all USITT advertising according to your member level.  Additional discounts apply for packages of multiple advertisments and multiple publications.  To tailor a package that gives you the best exposure at the proper time, contact our Advertising Staff.