Costume Symposium 2018

Costumes comes to Cosplay


Three Day Worbla & EVA Foam Workshop
Where/ hosted by:
Utah Shakespeare Festival, Cedar City, Utah

July 25 – 27, 2018

Join Becka Noel and Dhareza Maramis for a workshop providing instructions for basic and advanced techniques for working with Worbla. The class will consist of creating a bracer (or other similar piece) and as other techniques are learned, adding detail.  The course will cover how to create a pattern for armor and transfer to Worbla, including how to form, seal, paint, and add attachments.  A finished breastplate can be made during this symposium, just to give an example of what can be created in 24 hours.  

The schedule will also allow for viewing productions, backstage tours and social time away from the classroom for the entire group.


There are three airport options:  Cedar City (CDC) St. George (50 minutes to the south, SGU) and Las Vegas (2 hours 45 minutes to the south LAS).  There is a commercial shuttle service from McCarren Airport (Las Vegas) conveniently scheduled during the day.  Pick-ups can be arranged from the St. George airport on arrival day and return on departure day if participants do not want to rent a car.

Registration March 1- May 1 - $500
Late Registration May 2 – July 18 - $525
Registration March 1- May 1 - $550
Late Registration May 2 – July 18 - $600

Please check back in April for full schedule, housing and transportation info, and registration to open.

Please contact Karen Greenfield at for more information.