Essential Skills for Entertainment Technicians

The vision of the Essential Skills for Entertainment Technicians tests is to provide a uniform set of criteria, basic knowledge, and skills across all fields in the technical arts upon which entertainment technicians will then know as basic technical knowledge across all fields in the technical arts to promote higher quality for more productive and safe environments for the entertainment industry.

Employers - test your novice employees for basic skills knowledge. Capitalize on their strengths, eliminate their weaknesses.

Young professionals - strengthen and support your resume'

The eSET exams are now available online!

Join professionals and educators using ESET to determine skills

All eSET applicants must pass the Basic Terms & Safety exam prior to taking their first subject exam. There is no charge to take the prerequisite exam.

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Basic Terms and Safety




Lighting & Electrics 




The cost for your first subject exam is $40.  Upon successful completion of a subject exam, you will receive a discount code to take your next exam at 50% off.  The cost of the online exam includes the practical exam as well.

Online exams will be ready in January 2016 with practical exams and certificates issued beginning March 2016.

A lexicon of terminology for the industry has been created. You can download this list on your Apple or Android.

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The eSET working groups are guided by the eSET Council.  This council is made up of professionals who work together to insure the continuity of the program and the continued focus on entry-level, essential skills.

Our current and projected time line is:

eSET Council Members

Bill Price, AKT3
Carolyn Satter, San Diego Civic Theatres
Robert Scales, Retired Faculty USC and Consultant
Kim Scott, Cirque du Soleil