ESET Basic Terms & Safety

The eSET Basic Terms & Safety Exam is a prerequisite for all eSET examsesetlogo_rev

The Online Exam may be taken at any time.  To do so follow these steps:

  1. Register in the online testing portal. (remember the user name and password you create.
  2. Choose the Basic Terms & Safety Exam from the menu on the testing portal. There is no cost to take this prerequisite
  3. Successfully complete the exam in the 40 minute allotted time period.

What is covered on the online exam?

The online exam is a set of 100 questions randomly chosen by the system from a larger pool.  The questions are multiple choice and true/false questions covering topics such as:

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When you successfully complete the Basic Terms & Safety exam, you may register for any of the subject specific exams.  To take a subject specific exam, enter your user name and password, choose the test you wish to take.  Pay the fee for testing (don't forget the discount code if you've already passed one subject exam).

The Basic Terms and Safety Working Group:

Jeremiah Brophy, Co Chair
Aaron Mooney, Co Chair
Robert Scales