Fellows Mentors

The USITT Fellows are a group of individuals with a long track record of regional, national and international service to the Institute. These men and women represent all sectors of the entertainment design and technology profession and each has made significant contributions to the field. Fellows include theatre administrators, consultants, designers, educators, installers, manufacturers, suppliers, technicians, writers who have experience over many years and invaluable contacts within the industry. Some are retired but still working while others continue their careers. They offer students and young professionals the opportunity to network with the people who are critical to making decisions with regard to further education, internships, entry-level employment and application of skills to related industries. The Fellows have identified members who express an interest in working with those seeking mentors and encourage USITT student and early career members, in particular, to take advantage of the following list and make initial contact via email. A large majority of Fellows attend each annual conference where we conduct an event “Open Mentoring Session for Students” that may be another way to access the opportunity for finding a mentor.

Early Career Mentoring Program


Joe Aldridge joe.aldridge@unlv.edu       

Technical direction, live entertainment

Bill Byrnes wmbyrnes@gmail.com         

Theatre / arts management, leadership, finance, producing, non-profit practices

Laura Crow laura.crow@uconn.edu         

Costume design

Dick Devin devinr@colorado.edu           

Lighting design, technical production, production management, general management

Randy Earle randyearle@earthlink.net    

Theatre consulting, facility design, lighting design, higher education

Jerry Gorrell jerryg@jgorrell.com             

Technical direction

Elynmarie Kazle emk2u@aol.com          

Stage management, production management, arts administration, high school education and mentoring, fundraising and development   

Tim Kelly tkellyoffstage@gmail.com       

Facilities management, arts administration, owner’s representation

Tom Lemons tmlatta@aol.com               

Lamps, optics, product design, architectural lighting design professions

Pat MacKay mackayonline@gmail.com   

New business development, themed entertainment production, public relations, marketing, publishing

Richard Pilbrow rplight@me.com           

Lighting design, theatre design          

Bob Scales rscales@usc.edu                 

Technical production, theatre education

Ken Vannice kvannice@aol.com            

Theatre electrical engineering

Paul Vincent pvincent@vls.com              

Lighting design and application

Zee Weisfeld zeeweisfeld@hotmail.com 

Costume design and technology


Above is a list of Fellows who indicate they are available to mentor students and early career professionals. The best way to make contact is via their email address. It should be noted all mentoring arrangements are subject to individual availability and the most effective means of communication.