Grants & Fellowships

USITT_EDWARD_F._KOOK_CHECKUSITT is dedicated to actively promoting the advancement of the knowledge and skills of its members. The support of member grants and fellowships in performing arts design and technology serves USITT mission and promotes the advancement of knowledge in our respective specializations. USITT funds its grants and fellowships from the Edward F. Kook Fund and the general operations budget.

International Artist Exchange Grant
This grant is designated to support institutions working together to integrate international theatre artists into their offerings for the purpose of enhancing the educational opportunities and cultural exchange for students and faculty.

International Travel Grant  
This grant has been established to support USITT student and individual/professional members in achieving international travel for education and research in theatre related fields. 

Fellowships are awarded for excellence in scholarly activities related to advanced study in the areas of performing arts design and technology. 

Project Grants 
Project Grants program is the Institute’s main avenue of support for individuals and small teams of researchers undertaking entertainment industry related research.