Ben Clark, 2017 KM Fabrics Award winner

Established in 1994 by Richard K. Heusel, Founder of KM Fabrics, Inc., USITT Contributing Member, of Greenville, South Carolina.         

KM Fabrics, Inc. is the major manufacturer of woven cotton and inherently flame retardant velours employed in the stage curtain industry.

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Updated! Requirements & Eligibility

Winners of this award receives a $1,000 & Conference registration for USITT Conference & Stage Expo

Awards presentation: March 14-17, 2017
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Past Winners

2017 Ben Clark
2016 Kate Newman
2015 John Van Arsdale
2014 C. Nikki Mills
2013 Cole Muth
2012 Scott Wolfson
2011 Bona Lee
2010 Amanda Haley
2009 Mary Weber Black
2008 Rick Miller
2007 Jonathan Reed
2006 Kate Wightman
2005 Rachel Johnson
2004 Christy E. Ditts
2003 Michael D. Banta
2003 Erik Viker
2002 Joshua W. Peklo
2001 Paul Brunner
2000 Scott Conn
1999 Frederik Ramage
1998 Brian Stockmaster
1997 Alys E. Holden
1996 Elsa Padula
1995 Erik Walstad