Lighting Design & Technology Commission


The mission of the USITT Lighting Commission is to serve the lighting profession by providing a forum for dialogue and information relating to excellence in lighting design, technology, and production, associated research and development, and lighting education.


Commission Leadership  
Commissioner Todd Proffitt
Associate Commissioner Autum Casey
Vice-Commissioner for Programing 2017 Deanna Fitzgerald
Vice-Commissioner for Programming 2018 Jesse Portillo
Vice-Commissioner for Lighting History Andrea Bilkey
Vice-Commissioner for Multimedia & Projections Erich Bolton
Vice-Commissioner for Special Projects Adam Chamberlin
Vice-Commissioner for Communications CC Conn
Vice-Commissioner for Alternative Lighting Applications Victoria Fisher
Vice-Commissioner for Light Lab Brian Shevelenko
Vice-Commissioner for Technology Kirk Starks
Vice-Commissioner for Safety & Health Bryan Stevenson
Vice-Commissioner for Diversity Jim Streeter
Vice-Commissioner for International Activities Hideaki Tsutsui
Vice-Commissioner for Education Joshua Williamson


For a list the current commission leadership go to

Descriptions for each position as well as a details on all commission activities can be found in the Lighitng Commission Manual

Get involved:
Join our COMMUNITY to get more information, resources, discussions and join groups within the commission.

What we do:

Past Projects:

Current/Ongoing Projects:

At the Conference:

  • Sessions and PDWs 
  • Lighting Design and Technology Poster Session
  • Lighting Portfolio Review


Who are we:

Any member of USITT can join the commission who has an interest in Lighting Design and Technology just join our community for more details. 

News and Updates: will be sent to all three of the following sites. If you would like to get updates by email please email

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