The Master Craftsmanship Award

Philip Rheinheimer, 2017 Master Craftsman Award Winner

This award was established in 2013 by USITT Fellow Bernhard R. Works, Ph.D – professor emeritus of design and technical production at the University of Illinois and 2011 recipient of USITT's Joel E. Rubin Founders Award and sponsor of the Frederick A. Buerki "Golden Hammer" Scenic Technology Award.

Nomination for 2018 will be open from
Sept 1 - Nov 1

This award recognizes a graduating undergraduate as a practicing theatre artisan. This award is to enhance further student training and/or development in one of four craft areas: scene painting, stage properties, costume making, and lighting technology. The award will be given on an annual rotating basis. The 2017 will be for Lighting Technology.


Past Recipients

2017 Philip Rheinheimer - Lighting Design
2015 Emily Morrisey - Stage Properties
2014 Alexa Busnot - Scene Painting