USITT Presents

Our goal at USITT is to help accelerate your training and build your proficiency using industry-leading technology.

USITT Presents is a collaboration between USITT and its organizational members to provide product- and technique-specific training sessions for USITT members and their colleagues.

Upcoming sessions:

USITT Presents: ETC at OSU

USITT is offering three days of classes at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, January 19-21, 2018. ETC EOS Family Console Essentials (Level 1), Firday, January 19, ETC Family Console Enhanced Skills, Satuday, January 20, and ETC EOS Family Console Adanvced Programming, Sunday, January 21.

USITT Presents: ETC at Fort Lauderdale - Three days of Eos Family Console Training 

USITT is offering three days of classes at USITT Conference & Expo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, March 13-15, 2018.

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Join USITT and industry leaders such as Creative Conners, ETC, Figure53, Nemetschek Vectorworks, Meyer Sound, Sapsis Rigging, High End Systems/Studio Gear, Norcostco and Show Sage for specialized training on their products in one or two-day sessions around the country, throughout the year.