Rigging Safety Initiative

USITT is proclaiming Arbor Day April 24 Rigging Safety Day!!!
Please join us in posting & tweeting your rigging safety photos & messages with the hashtag #RigSafe on April 24!

Participating friends include: IATSE, OISTAT, the Stage Managers Association, the Association of British Theatre Technicians, Church Production Magazine, Sight & Sound Theatres, Wenger & JR Clancy, InterAmerica Stage, Inc., TRU-ROLL & Grosh Backdrops, iWeiss, Vincent Lighting, ACT Lighting, L&SA Magazine, Live Design Online, and Creative Handbook!

Help us make this a memorable day for stage rigging safety awareness!

USITT also will be promoting the Rigging Safety Initiative. The RSI offers free stage rigging inspections and safety training for secondary schools across America. Schools can apply for the service twice a year, in spring & fall.

Applications for the next funding cycle in Fall 2015 must be submitted by November 15 - All applications not yet funded will be retained & automatically considered in next cycle.

The RSI is open to all secondary schools nationwide. Once a school's application is approved, they choose from a list of participating ETCP certified rigging inspectors in their area. USITT pays the inspector directly for the inspection and four to six hours of safety training for faculty and student stage crew. The only cost to schools may be for the inspector's travel and housing -- if necessary -- and any special equipment (such as a lift to access the system). With USITT's nationwide network of inspectors, many schools find their cost is ZERO.
The school gets a detailed report in layman’s terms on the safety and health of their rigging -- what's working properly and what potential safety problems can be prevented with routine care. Free safety training for up to eight staff & students helps ensure safe operation of a complex system. What's the catch? There isn't one! Thanks to our sponsors & donors, we can promote safe stages for students at llittle or no cost to the school.


  Interested in becoming an inspector for USITT's RSI?
Check here to see if you are eligible, and click the button below to apply.

For a list of participating rigging inspectors, click here