Safety & Health Commission

The Safety & Health Commission provides for training, education, and the exchange of information on all topics that affect the safety, health, and well-being of performers, technicians, and audience members.

Commission Leadership  
Commissioner Dave Glowacki
Commissioner-Elect Bryan Huneycutt
Vice-Commissioner for Programming Bill Reynolds
Commissioner Emeritus Dr. Randall W.A.  Davidson
Vice-Commissioner for Mentoring & Diversity Greg Petruska


Rigging Safety Initiative
The program was created to fund inspections of theatrical rigging in secondary schools across America.

The Safety & Health Commission promotes safe and productive workplaces at all levels of educational institutions and community, regional, and professional theatres. Commission members also oversee USITT's International Health & Safety Award which honors individuals and institutions that successfully promote health and safety issues.

Safety Resources
This Online Resources Collection allows the USITT Membership an easy tool for finding solutions to questions and concerns regarding personal health and workplace safety.

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