Scene Design & Technology Commission

The Scene Design & Technology Commission furthers interest in the areas of scene design, scenic painting, and properties: provides information about innovations and trends within the field, encourages improvements in the teaching of design.

Commission Leadership  
Commissioner Casey Kearns
Associate Commissioner Jan Chambers
Vice-Commissioner for Programming Justin A. Miller
Vice-Commissioner for Education Jesse Dreikosen
Vice-Commissioner for International Rob Eastman-Mullins
Vice-Commissioner of Safety & Health Erin Freeman
Vice-Commissioner for New Technologies Nick Embree
Vice-Commissioner for Student Affairs Jean Gonzalez
Vice-Commissioner for Projects & Symposia Karen Maness
Vice-Commissioner for Scene Design David Nofsinger
Vice-Commissioner for Scenic Art Anthony Phelps
Vice-Commissioner for Student Affairs Sarah Pugh
Vice-Commissioner for Props Brian Ruggaber
Vice-Commissioner for Heritage Arden Weaver


Practical Projects for Teaching Scene Design, Vol 2 - now available in on-line bookstore.

Among other projects, the Commission honors distinguished scenic designers with awards and sessions about their designs during the Annual Conference & Stage Expo. Some of those honored are Ralph Funicello, Karl Eigsti, and Richard L. Hay.

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