Student and Mainstage Volunteers

Applications are now open.

Why pay for Conference with a card when you can pay with your time?

You’ll be attending the Conference anyway, so why not go for free? Conference volunteers, both student and mainstage positions, are highly sought after each year. Make sure to apply early for these positions. Volunteers will be out to work in all areas of Conference such as the information booth, stage expo floor, bookstore, registration, and more! Student volunteer positions are available for the first 125 students who apply. DO NOT WAIT.

There are two student volunteer options available in Houston, and you may only sign up for ONE program. Volunteers will not be moved from one program to the other. You MUST be a current USITT Student member to participate in the Student Volunteer Program.

Student Volunteer Program: USITT Student Volunteers will be assigned to work in a variety of areas to assist in the production of the Conference & Stage Expo. Applicants are selected on a first come, first served basis. In exchange for at least 15 hours of work at the Conference, USITT will waive the student Conference registration fee. The Student Volunteer Program for 2020 is full.

The USITT Mainstage Volunteer Program offers educational opportunities to learn from and work next to professionals representing disciplines from throughout the institute. Under the leadership of industry professionals/faculty, volunteers will work to plan, produce, and create the main Conference events including lighting and sound studios, as well as the main stage Conference sessions and celebrations.

You must be a current USITT Student or Early Career members. Applicants must be college or university undergraduate or graduate students or professionals within three years of leaving school.