Distinguished Achievement Past Award Winners

The USITT Distinguished Achievement Award is given to honor an individual who has established a career record of achievement in her his specialty.

2017 Liz Covey, Costume Design & Technology
  Fred Foster, Lighting Design
  Santo Loquasto, Scene Design
  Richard K. Thomas, Sound Design
  Rocky Paulson, Technical Direction
  Joseph Drummond, Management
  John Conklin, Education
2016 Anna Louizos, Scene Design
  Sonny Sonnenfeld, Lighting
  Monona Rossol, Education
  Joy Spanabel Emery, Costume Design & Technology
  John Leonard, Sound
2015 Jane Greenwood, Costume Design & Technology
  Douglas W. Schmidt, Scene Design
  Loren Schreiber, Technical Direction
  Teresa Eyring, Management
  Wendall Harrington, Education
2014 Ann Roth, Costume Design
  Dana Taylor, Education
  Shirley Prendergast, Lighting Design
  Susan Threadgill, Management
  Bob McCarthy, Sound Design
  Eugene Lee, Scenic Design
2013 Tim Hartung, Architecture
  Desmond Heeley, Costume & Scenic Design
  Neil Mazzella, Technical Production
  Otts Munderloh, Sound
2012* Dana Nye, Costume Design & Technology
  Judy Adamson, Education
  Howard Brandston, Lighting
  Tom Hall, Management
  Michael Devine, Scene Design
2011 Cesar Pelli, Architecture
  Carrie Robbins, Costume Design & Technology
  R. Craig Wolf, Education
  William Byrnes, Management
  John Scheffler, Scene Design
  Dennis Dorn, Technical Production
2009 Barton Myers, FAIA, Architecture
  Lenna Kaleva, Costume Design
  Jules Fisher, Lighting Design
  Robert Rody, Management
  Franco Colavecchia, Scenic Design
  Jack Mann, Sound Design
  Ben Sammler, Technical Production
2008 William Rawn, FAIA, Architecture
  Rebecca Cunningham, Costume
  Karl Eigsti, Education
  Cynthia Poulson, Management
  John Lee Beatty, Scenic Design
  John and Helen Meyer, Sound Design
2007 Hugh Hardy, Marcolm Holzman, Norman Pfeiffer, Architecture
  Katherine Marshall, Costume Design & Technology
  Jessica L. Andrews, Management
  Robert Moody, Scenic Design
  David Collison, Sound Design
2006 Don and Carolyn Davis, Sound Design
  Rosemary Ingham, Costume Design
  Ming Cho Lee, Education
  Marjorie Bradley Kellogg, Scene Design
  Frazier Marsh, Theatre Management
  James L. Moody, Lighting
2005 Jonathan Deans, Sound Design
  William Dudley, Scene Design
  Luc Lafortune, Lighting Design
  Winston Morgan, Stage Management
  Willa Kim, Costume Design
2004 Joe Blasco, Make Up Design
  William Klages, Lighting Design
  Tony Walton, Scene Design
2003 Allen Lee Hughes, Lighting Design
  Ralph Funicello, Scene Design
  Dan Dugan, Sound Design
2002 Tony Meola, Sound Design
  Karl Eigsti, Scene Design
  Beverly Emmons, Lighting Design
  Thomas A. Kelly, Stage Management
2001 John Bracewell, Sound Design
  Thurston James, Property Design
  Max Keller, Lighting Design
2000 Deborah Dryden, Costume
  Charlie Richmond, Sound Design
  Robert Scales, Technical Production
1999 Jean Hunnisett, Costume
  Lester Polakov, Scenery
  Abe Jacob, Sound Design
  Richard Pilbrow, Lighting Design
1998 Richard L. Hay, Scenic Design


*Prior to 2012 USITT presented the Distinguished Achievement Award in Health & Safety as the International Health & Safety Award. It recognized an outstanding contribution towards health and safety in the performing arts. This award was only given in those years when there is important activity in this area. It was presented to an individual for a career-long dedication to health and safety as well as for specific initiatives. The International Health & Safety Award was first presented in 1985. The winners were:

2007 Jerry Gorrell
2004 Dr. Randall W. Davidson, Risk International
1993 Patricia MacKay, TCI/Lighting Dimensions
  Reid Neslage, H&H Specialties, Inc.
1992 Jay O. Glerum, Jay O. Glerum Associates, Inc.
  Rocky Poulson, Stage Rigging, Inc.
1991 Betty Knapp, Disable Service of Lincoln Center
1990 Peter Foy, Foy Inventerprises
1989 Everett Littlefield
1988 Richard D. Thompson
1986 Howard Snow
  Roy Palmer