Fellowship Requirements

Statement of Purpose
USITT is dedicated to actively promoting the advancement of the knowledge and skills of its members. The support of member grants and fellowships in performing arts design and technology serves USITT’s mission and promotes the advancement of knowledge in our respective specializations. USITT funds its grants and fellowships from the Edward F. Kook Fund and the General Operations Fund.

The USITT Grants & Fellowships Program provides project support for grants and fellowships. Fellowships are given in amounts up to $15,000. Fellowships are awarded for excellence in scholarly activities related to advanced study in the areas of performing arts design and technology. Proposals for USITT Fellowships must have a coherent theme and should generate important scholarly or creative activity that will produce a significant result. Fellowships are funded in amounts up to $15,000.

Applicant Eligibility

  • You must be a member of USITT in good standing for the 12 months prior to the application
  • A written activity report is due within 18 months of receipt.

Proposals will be judged in competition with each other. The applicant’s record of excellence in previous work and longevity of USITT membership will be a significant factor in judging applications.

Fellowship Proposal Requirements
1. Project Summary/Abstract
This is to be a clear, concise description of the goals, methods, and anticipated outcomes of the proposed project. Maximum 200 words.

2. Background and Context
Describe the relation of the proposed project to the present state of knowledge in the field. This section should make it clear what is innovative and original in the proposed project.

3. Methods/Procedures/Materials
Describe in clear and understandable terms the general plan of work, as it will be undertaken to achieve the stated objectives.

4. Timeline
Provide an outline, month by month, of the activities to be carried out during the 12 months duration of the proposed project.

5. Itemized budget and Justification
Provide a complete budget including all expenditures involved in the project. List all sources of funding (indicate whether additional funding sources are confirmed). Specifically identify expenditure line items the USITT Fellowship would fund. Use appropriate notes to clarify each budget item. USITT does NOT fund indirect project costs, basic computer equipment and software, or stage productions to be presented at other than USITT events.

6. Outcome
Describe the anticipated final “product” of the proposed project (i.e. a written article in a USITT publication; body of work for presentation at a USITT Conference). How will the information be disseminated to USITT’s membership?

7. Resume(s)
Provide résumés for the principal project director(s). This should be a maximum of one page per person and should only provide information regarding significant accomplishments.

8. Letters of Recommendation
Include three letters of recommendation specifically addressing the Project Director(s) ability to deal with the subject matter of the proposed work.