Board Resource Manual

Links and information on this page are to help current board members and inform people who may be interested in running for a seat on the Board of Directors.

The Bylaws are the governing document of the Institute.

The policies and procedures compendium is a collection of the written policies and operational procedures of the Institute.  These policies are a guide to day to day operations of USITT.

Board members and staff are required by law to disclose any possible conflict of interest that may impact their service to USITT.  Such conflicts could include: owning or working for a business that does significant work with USITT, relationship to other board or staff members, or a supervisory working relationship with another board member.  If you are unsure if something should be disclosed, please discuss it with the Executive Director who will ask counsel.

USITT's Whistle Blower Policy is signed by all staff members.  Board members should be aware of this policy which protects employees if they were to witness and report any illegal activities of the Institute.

USITT Board Members and Staff may be privy to information that should not be shared immediately with the general public.  Board members and staff sign this agreement of confidentiality stating that they understand this and agree to hold to themselves material deemed confidential.

Policy on reimbursement for travel to Board Meetings NOT at the Annual Conference:
Members invited to these meetings will be reimbursed upon request for up to

  • 1/2 of economy class air transportation, or
  • 1/2 of mileage expense at the current IRS rate for business purposes (up to but not exceeding the cost of airfare), or
  • 1/2 of bus or train transportation
  • Round trip ground transportation or airport/hotel parking not to exceed $100 (as needed).

USITT will make available moderately priced accommodations for participants. Members invited to these meetings will be reimbursed upon request for up to 1/2 hotel expense of a single room (as arranged by the Institute) once each fiscal year (July 1 to June 30). If two members choose to room together in the hotel, the Institute will cover the cost of that hotel room.

Please submit this reimbursement form to the office for any approved reimbursements.

USITT uses the cloud based system called Basecamp for Board and Committee Communications. Board members are given access to Basecamp at the start of their term.  You set up your own password and your user name is the email we use to communicate with you.  No matter how many committees or projects you serve on, if they use Basecamp, it is all the same sign on.