California Travel Ban


USITT is committed to the values of equity, diversity and inclusion and we believe that all citizens deserve equal protections. The recent California ban on travel to Kentucky and Texas shines a light on laws that California identifies as discriminating “on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.”

Because USITT enters into contracts for its Annual Conference five to seven years in advance, contracts for the 2019 and 2020 locations were signed prior to California’s travel ban. Breaking these contracts at this point in time would significantly impact USITT’s finances and jeopardize our ability to provide a high-quality Conference experience. 

We apologize to those who are unable to attend due to this ban. USITT remains committed to the safe and free enjoyment of the Annual Conference & Stage Expo for all individuals.


Dan Culhane

USITT President


Tony Hardin

USITT Board Member,

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee Chair

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