Automation Support Technician

Creative Conners Inc, the biggest little automation company, is seeking qualified candidates to fill the role of Automation Support Technician. This position is based in Warren, RI.
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Warren, RI
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Automation Support Technician
Creative Conners, Inc.
Warren, Rhode Island


Creative Conners Inc, the biggest little automation company, is seeking qualified candidates to fill the role of Automation Support Technician.  This position is based in Warren, RI.  Founded in 2004, Creative Conners currently employs 18 automation fanatics.  As we grow, we remain committed to our core principles:

We make highly sophisticated products.

  • products made for enthusiastic, budget-conscious customers
  • products whose inner complexity results in elegant simplicity
  • products for which the easiest way to use them is also the safest way
  • products we ourselves want to use

We offer unbridled support to the people using our products.

  • support not only for our products but for any automated project of our customers
  • support for our customers financial constraints by making the products affordable
  • support by sharing knowledge

We are transparent in technology and business dealings.

  • transparent pricing of products
  • always transparent business operations
  • transparent and accessible flow of technical information
  • our knowledge is our most valuable asset, we share it without reservation

The Automation Support Technician is the first contact for a customer if they bump into a bug, get tripped up by broken gear, or are just a tad confused on how to best get started automating scenery. When was the last time you called tech support?  It was probably in a stressful situation so, attitude and empathy are as important as knowledge.  Keeping your cool and communicating clearly are paramount.

The ideal candidate will have several years of experience installing, troubleshooting and operating automation systems - ideally familiar with Spikemark software and Stagehand controllers.  A basic to intermediate understanding of electricity and electrical systems is a must - you will be troubleshooting intricate electrical systems over the phone.  A solid foundation of MS Windows is required - Spikemark is a Windows program and you will be required to troubleshoot issues with customers over the phone.  Answering tech support is the primary responsibility of this role, though we rarely spend 40 hours in a week on tech support alone.  When you aren’t busy directly helping customers, there are additional support tasks fill the days.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Tech Support
    • Customer support via phone and email
      • Evening and weekend responsibilities are a reality
    • Customer repairs and testing
    • Documentation
    • Product manual creation and updates
    • On-Site troubleshooting
  • On-site supervision - taking a show from the shop
    • Commercial events, corporate theater, regional theater

Additional Responsibilities

  • Shop work
  • Checking out/Checking in equipment rentals
  • Mechanical and Electrical assembly (we make products after all)
  • General shop maintenance


  • Competitive hourly wage with overtime
  • Fully covered medical insurance
  • Optional Dental and Vision insurance
  • 401K
  • Paid vacation and sick time

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter, resume with references via email (, attn: Mike Wade.  No phone calls please.