Jing Zhao, 2018 Robert E. Cohen Sound Achievement Award Winner

Permanently funded in 2005 by Robert E. Cohen, Founder and President of Clear-Com Intercom Systems from1969 to 1997.
Robert E. Cohen was responsible for the development of the closed circuit headset intercom communication system for the theatre that has become the industry standard.

Requirements & Eligibility

Winners of this award receives a $1,000 & Conference registration for USITT Conference & Stage Expo

Awards presented at USITT Conference & Stage Expo

Past Winners

2018 Jing Zhao
2017 Keely Wright-Ogren
2016 Almeda Beyon
2014 Mercer Aplin
2013 Erik T. Lawson
2012 Hidenori Nakajo
2011 Valerie Lawrence
2010 David Hunter
2009 Corinne Carrillo
2008 Jason Knox
2007 Dave Mickey
2006 Peter Shiplett
2005 Bradlee Ward
2004 David Swenson
2003 Cricket S. Myers
2002 Ian Hunter
2001 Christopher Plummer
2000 Bryan Schlegel
1999 Dominic Dramer
1998 Andrew Dalzell
1996 Mitchell Chapman