Technical Skills Challenge

Where Students Come to Compete

The popular Technical Skills Challenge (formerly "Tech Olympics") brings teams of student members and their coaches from colleges and universities around the country to compete in a timed series of events designed to test their skills at the various disciplines involved in theatre production. 

Featured events this year include the solo competitions in lighting, knot tying, and props events, and team competitions for the sound, and stage management events.  This year’s mystery event features a new skill for the Challenge, but it is a skill that all young professionals in the entertainment industry should know.

Individual Event Info & Tips

Our adjudication team is packed with skilled professionals from the academic and the professional world.  They have traveled from all over the USA to work with the student competitors.  Also, the prizes for the best scores keep getting better and better!  In addition to our regular donors, we have several new companies who are donating prizes this year.   Compete!  Learn Skills!  Win prizes! 

  1. There are two types of teams: Competition Teams and Exhibition Teams.

  2. In order to qualify to be a Competition Team, the team must have a minimum of four (4) eligible team members and a maximum of eight (8) eligible team members.

  3. A maximum of one (1) graduate student is allowed on each Competition Team, and the remainder of the team must be made up of undergraduate students or high school students.

  4. If a team has more than one (1) graduate student as competing members, they may participate ONLY as an Exhibition Team.

  5. Only Competition Teams may qualify to win the trophy, and only members of a Competition Team may qualify to win prizes.

  6. Due to time limitations, preference will be given to competitors from Competition Teams.

Eligibility: Each participant MUST be registered as a full conference attendee.  No persons with “expo only” passes can participate in events.  Anyone associated with the conference may observe - Graduate students may participate, but only one (1) graduate student is allowed per Competition Team - Faculty members may ONLY participate on Exhibition Teams - An individual person may only participate on one (1) team - Graduate students and faculty members who are not listed as team members may serve as coaches, coordinators, and/or advisors, but may not compete in any events or enter into any event competition area.

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