Dan Culhane



Kimb Williamson


Officer Position Statements:

USITT is expanding in many diverse and exciting areas.  I will, as President, work to serve our membership by being a strong steward of our assets.  

Besides the annual conference, there are many year-round growth opportunities for membership.  Currently, we offer USITT Presents, the Rigging Safety Initiative, the Costume Symposium, The Electrician Master Class, Elite Training, the Jay O Glerum Master Classes and ESET, but there is still room for growth and the inclusion of new learning experiences. I will work to continue this expansion.

The Diversity Initiative is an important area of growth for both us and our industry at large.  The Institute should work to introduce this initiative at or before the high school level.  Outreach and follow-up are important, and I will work to see that its continued growth is supported.

I will always encourage corporate sponsorship to support the work of our institute and aid in funding, among other things, member education, outreach and diversity.

USITT is a strong and vibrant organization, of which I am proud to be affiliated.  I am a strong believer that the Institute benefits from increased volunteer and leadership opportunities for all members. Our membership is what keeps us strong. I am excited to be a part of the team that will make USITT's future a success.  

I am very much looking forward to being part of the team that will ensure the success of USITT's future

Officer Position Statements:

USITT’s place in the industry will continue to advance with the inclusion of bold and brave ideas as envisioned and initiated by YOU, the members. What we do collectively in making the ‘products’ of our industry, bringing together unique individuals with diverse ideas, is mirrored in what we do in USITT. Marshalling individual strengths which are then brought together in collaboration can result in initiatives supported by leaders in every constituency of USITT. I believe a Governance board is responsible to it members by utilizing strategic insight and responsible fiduciary oversight to implement initiatives which serve a diverse membership. A strong and clear sense of mission and purpose on the part of USITT’s Board of Directors in concert with the national office staff can identify and support initiatives into the next iteration of USITT. If elected, I will work to find the means necessary to promote, support and champion initiatives which serve USITT’s Mission and continue to develop the spirit of collaboration which is a hallmark among the Institute’s membership.