VP Commissions

Carolyn Satter 


Officer Position Statements:

I want to continue to serve USITT as a Vice President, helping pave the way for the organization’s goal to be the Entertainment Industry’s ‘go to’.

I have been a USITT member since 1994 and within two years became part of the Management Commission leadership, serving until 2007.  The passion has yet dwindled.

My membership gives me the opportunity to grow within a network of professionals, be a part of a phenomenal Diversity Initiative that sets a standard of who USITT is, and allowing me to participate in the growth of the Board of Directors and the organization.

My prior work with commissions, combined with 30+ years of production management, gives an understanding of the inner workings of the backstage activities and insight into the work of the 10 Commissions that develop most all of the Conference Programming that is presented.   I have the historical perspective to know what works, what hasn’t, and working with commissioners’ requests, what can be imagined and implemented.

Over the last 2+ years the Commissions have raised the bar on the programming content with direct attention to meeting the needs of all the constituents.  I want to continue my work as their advocate, developing new directions that the team wants to adopt, creating the funding opportunities for new commission projects, and to see that dreams have an opportunity to develop.

I want to continue that work that I began in 2014