VP Conferences

Jack Feivou


Officer Position Statements:

As the Vice President of Conferences I have led the change over the past three years in both our conference scheduling and production values.  The conference is the cornerstone of our yearly programming and I will continue to listen to the members and drive changes where they are necessary.  I have worked in not-for-profit, commercial, and educational entertainment I am uniquely positioned to understand the industry trends and needs of our members both professional and academic. I will continue to bring to the board, my experience and opinions to help shape the organization for future growth.  I believe that with active dialogue between all aspects of our industry we can become a stronger more united group and better share innovations and information as well as mentor the professionals of the future.  As you can tell from my biography I am committed to mentoring young professionals and driving this important mission with the board of USITT.  Additionally, I would like to provide tools to organizations that would help with both hiring and retaining great leaders in all disciplines and believe that USITT could be a stronger resource for the industry. I love all aspects of producing live entertainment and know that USITT has played an important role in my development and having the continued opportunity to serve as the VP for Conferences would be a rewarding way to pay it forward.