Digital Media Commission

The Digital Media Commission provides dialog and the exchange of information about innovation and trends in the field of Projection Design and its related technologies and artistic expressions including, but not limited to, video design, digital media, interactive media, and new media as it relates to theatre and the live entertainment industry.  The commission provides a forum for projects and programs that promotes education and the advancement and practical application of design, technology, and recommended practices in the field.

Commission Leadership

Commissioner Joe Payne
Vice-Commissioner of Programming Sean Savoie
Vice-Commissioner of Design Daniel Fine
Vice-Commissioner of Technology Davin Huston
Vice-Commissioner of Education Jeromy Hopgood
Vice-Commissioner of Communications Kevin Gawley
Vice-Commissioner for International Activities Tatyana Wilds
Vice-Commissioner for Research Megan Reilly
Representative for History and Archives Jeffrey Gress
Representative for Diversity and Inclusion Topher Morris
Representative for eSet Davin Gaddy
Digital Media Lab Coordinator Kristen Geisler