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I’m sure you’ve read a book that you’ve thought, hey, this relates to stage management, or company management, or production management. I know I have said that at least one or two or half dozen times. Wouldn’t you love to discuss those books with fellow theatre and entertainment managers? Wouldn’t you also like to expand your reading list to include options outside of the box? I know I would. So, let’s do this!

Stage Managers, Production Managers, Company Managers, you name it, no matter where you are in entertainment management, you are managing people and you probably want to freshen up your thinking. Our goal is to take a look at management through a fresh lens and expand our resources to include a wide range of voices.

In this first meeting we will set the perimeters of the book club and announce our first book for October. Please submit information about you and up to two book ideas using this link: CLICK HERE



This is the USITT Student Formation Seminar, A meeting for those who have an interest in forming a Student Chapter. This is an opportunity for students, chapters, and chapter sponsors to learn how to start a student chapter or revitalize one! We will have a presentation and then open the floor to questions and discussion. This seminar is provided by the Membership Committee and the Education Commission.



USITT President Carolyn Satter and Executive Director David Grindle hold an open forum for members to ask questions and submit suggestions for USITT activities and projects.



Presented by:

David Grindle, Executive Director of USITT

Carolyn Satter, President of USITT


The entertainment industry is full of novel fall hazards - from temporary stages to orchestra pits and “torm” positions.

Any time an employee is required to utilize fall protection equipment, they first must be “authorized" to do so - what does that mean??

This presentation will cover that question and discuss a variety of “problem areas” in our industry and how to mitigate the fall hazards they present.



Presented by:

Phil van Hest provides Rigging, Fall Protection and Heavy Equipment instruction in the LA area. Before entering the world of rigging safety, Phil toured the world as a comic/writer/performer and thought twice about mentioning it; rigging and safety are famously humorless subjects. Phil is the Safety and Rigging Manager for Bigger Hammer Production Services, and an ETCP Recognized Trainer holding ETCP certifications in Arena and Theatrical rigging. He currently resides in Orange County, another place in California named after a thing that used to be there before it got paved over.


How To Turn On Closed Captioning for USITT Online Learning


From a web browser:

  • You can turn on subtitles by clicking the CC icon at the bottom of a YouTube video. A red line will appear under the icon when closed captions have been enabled.
  • You can also adjust caption settings by clicking the gear icon. If subtitles are available for a video, a choice of generated captions and other formats will be available here, including font size and type.

From a mobile app:

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  • Tap the CC icon, or Captions, in the menu.
  • Select the type of captioning you prefer.

Facebook Live

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  • Click Off next to Always Show Captions.
  • Select On to turn on captions for Facebook videos, when available.

From iOS:

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  • LinkedIn does not support auto-generated Closed Captioning.  There are instructions on how to work around this by uploading a SubRip file. More info at this link.