eSET Rigging

The eSET Rigging Exam consists of two parts, the Online Exam and the Practical Exam.

eset riggingThe Online Exam (with its prerequisite Basic Terms & Safety Exam) may be taken at any time. To do so follow these steps:

  1. Register in the online testing portal. (remember the user name and password you create)
  2. Take and pass the Basic Terms & Safety Exam, completion of this is required for all eSET exams.
  3. Choose the Rigging Exam from the menu on the testing portal.
  4. Successfully complete the exam in the 40-minute allotted time period.

What is covered in the online exam? The online exam is a set of 100 questions randomly chosen by the system from a larger pool.The questions are multiple-choice and true/false questions covering topics such as:

  • Name the Equipment Illustrated
  • Standard Procedures for Preparing and Using Wire Rope
  • Basic Rigging Math and Load Ratios
  • Knowledge of Fall Arrest Systems and Procedures
  • Proper Procedures for Operating a Counterweight Rigging System
  • Proper Procedures for Using Chain Motors
  • Click here for a list of sample questions


When an online exam has been successfully completed, you will receive a certificate via email. This email and certificate are your admission to the practical exam. Do not register for the practical exam until you have this certificate.

To register for the practical exam you MUST SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETE the Online Rigging Exam.


The Practical Exam is offered at various times throughout the year, consult the website to find a practical exam being offered near you. Once you have identified one, to register, follow these steps:

  1. Choose a time on the Practical Registration Website
  2. Successfully complete the exam in the 50 minute allotted time period.

What is covered on the practical exam? The practical exam is supervised by an authorized proctor. The proctor will follow the rubric sheet and guide you through the four stations and may include:

  • Equipment Basics: Names and functions of the components that comprise counterweight, fire curtain, and dead hung systems.
  • Termination Basics: The differences in style, hardware, efficiency, and the basic how-to.
  • Standards Basics: Who is watching out for you, how they help, and what they do.
  • Math Basics: design factor, WLL, etc. There are no equations in the exam.
  • Fall Arrest: Understand and be able to implement a basic fall arrest system. Know the main points of harness use and inspection. Be able to discuss the basics of ladder safety.
  • Counterweight Rigging: Touches on everything from safety to governing concepts, operation, and single vs. double purchase.
  • Chain Motors: Covers basic operation, hanging points, and arena symbols.

Successful completion of the practical exam is the highest level of eSET skills proof. To show your completion you will be mailed a second certificate noting both online and practical completion and a pin which you should wear as proof of your skill set.

The Online and Practical Rigging Exams were created by a group of working professionals from a variety of rigging companies. The group includes riggers who hold the national ETCP rigging certification held by the top riggers in the industry.

The skills working group consists of:

  • Michael Braico (Chair)
  • Steve Miller
  • David Krajec
  • Mickey Henry
  • Michael Cottom
  • Brian White
  • Eric Rouse
  • Kalen Larsen
  • Zack Stevenson