Timothy L. Kelly

KellyDenver, Colorado

Inducted as a Fellow: 1995

Your earliest memories of the Institute?

Working with Dave Hand and others I was involved with the Rocky Mountain Section from its very first years in the mid- 1970s.  My first Conference was in Seattle in 1979 and I have only missed one since.

Favorite USITT memory?

Eddie Kook in Board of Directors meetings; Sarah Nash Gates riding into the convention on a horse in Wichita; working with Don Schulman, working with the Fellows MIS group; AND I look forward to many more in the future.

Short list of career highlights:

  • US Army Special Services Theatre Vicenza Italy 1960 - 1963
  • Technical Director Bonfils Theatre Denver 1968 – 1978
  • Production Manager Denver Post Opera 1979 - 1983
  • General Manager Boettcher Concert Hall Denver 1978 – 1984
  • Established Department of Facilities and Engineering for the Denver Center for the Performing Arts 1984
  • DCPA Director of Facilities Management 1984 – 2008
  • Managed 450,000 sq ft of performing arts facilities and a staff of 75
  • Owner’s representative for over 30 significant building and remodeling projects totaling more than 100 million dollars in construction value
  • Retired June 2008 after 40 consecutive years with the Bonfils Foundation
  • Currently the President of TK Project Management

Short list of your involvement in the Institute:

  • Founding member of RMUSITT
  • RMUSITT section Chair
  • USITT Board of Directors
  • Vice President for Relations (now called VP Members, Sections & Chapters)
  • Silver Anniversary fundraising committee
  • Chair of Grants & Fellowships (a very long time)
  • Instigator of the Kook Fund Tri-annual Art Auction
  • Fellow snce 1995
  • Founder’s Award 1999
  • Honorary Lifetime Membership Award 2011

USITT Members who have made a difference to you?

Eddie Kook, Lee Watson, Don Schulman, Leon Brauner, David Hale Hand, Randy Davidson, Sarah Nash Gates, Pat MacKay, Chris Kaiser, Dick Devin, Randy Earle, Bob Scales, Dick Arnold, Dick Durst, Pete Happe, Sylvia Hillyard Pannell………and so many other wonderful friends.

Being a Fellow means?

Being selected to walk with this extraordinary group of people was the highlight of my career in the theatre business.  The collective knowledge and experience the Fellows represent literally embodies the history of the entertainment business for the past fifty plus years.

Anything you'd like to add about what the USITT means to you personally?

I have grown up (some might take exception to that) in USITT and am pleased to count many members as my very closest friends.  Being an active participant in USITT has taught me management skills, patience and where to tap into anything I need to know about theatre production.

Contact: tkellyoffstage@gmail.com