International Artist Exchange Grant

Statement of Purpose:

This grant is designated to support institutions working together to integrate international theatre artists into their offerings for the purpose of enhancing the educational opportunities and cultural exchange for students and faculty.

The grant will fund projects which must:

  • Include two or more institutions sponsoring the project
  • Invite international artists with an area of specialty covered by USITT member interests
  • Include a method of sharing the project with USITT members

Areas for Project Support Include:
Workshops, courses, symposiums, production appointments, exhibitions, regional section conferences.

Eligibility for grant:

  • Must include USITT members from each institution involved
  • Submit International guest credentials and recognition
  • Include Student involvement in the project

Timetable for application:
Applications must be submitted no less than six months prior to the beginning of the residency.

Reporting Requirements:
Grant recipients will be asked for a report of their project within one year of receiving the grant. The report will consist of a record of costs applied to the grant and a summary of the execution of grant activities.

A second, more extensive report will be presented to the membership through an article for a USITT publication, a conference presentation, or other written and/or visual documentation of the project within one year of receiving the award. The specific nature of the report requires prior approval from the granting committee.

Application must include:

  • Application Form
  • Project Narrative (1,000 word maximum)
  • Describe the project in detail and include the following:
  • Activity proposed and project timetable
  • Results or effects you expect the project to produce
  • How this project fits into the mission of the participating Departments
  • Project locations and facilities to be used
  • Proposed budget and other sources of funding
  • Method of documentation and report to the membership
  • Plans for collaboration among the institutions
  • Evidence of student participation
  • Curriculum Vitae of International Artist
  • For design guests, 10 images of recent work
  • Approval from Department Chairs, Chief Academic Officer, Deans, or leaders of all participating institutions
  • Description of participating institutions and departments, size, number of majors, non-majors involved, graduate/undergraduate, and facilities for hosting this project
  • Project budget and contributions from participating institutions
  • Evidence of required paperwork for hosting international guest, visa application, knowledge of State Department guidelines, etc.

Institutions are responsible for obtaining visas and any other necessary approvals and permissions for international visitors. Grants will be awarded provisionally, and funds transferred only after all travel documents have been successfully completed and submitted to the granting committee.

Grant Provisions:
Up to $5,000 support for each application, as subject to Samuel H. Scripps Fund Policies and Procedures.

Participating institutions will provide at minimum a combined match to USITT funding.

USITT grant does not fund indirect costs.