Costume Shop Manager

Job #2252

Job Type Full Time
Location Santa Clara, California
Field Costume Design and Technology
Post Date Sep 7, 2021
Salary $66,600 - $78,300

This position will manage operations in the Costume Studio. The position will: supervise students in production laboratories for all university productions and class laboratories; maintain all areas of the studio including equipment and supplies; maintain and coordinate all scheduling of studio time, resources, and labor; manage and schedule student workers in the costume rental department; and maintain costume stock in collaboration with costume designer/professor.


BA in Theatre or related field required. MFA preferred.
Related experience in a professional and/or academic setting desirable.
5-7 years of relevant experience required.
2-3 years in a higher-education setting preferred.

-Advanced sewing skills: working with a variety of textiles and machines.
-Knowledge of the organizational structure/timing of production schedule in the shop.
-Flat patterning and/or draping skills and some tailoring experience are necessary.