Job #2071

Job Type Full Time
Location Atlanta, Georgia
Field Technical Production
Post Date Jul 18, 2021
Salary $24.56 - $29.09 Per Hour

Position reports to Director of Production and Production Manager. This is an hourly position, the wages, conditions and terms of which, is governed by the CBA with IATSE Local 927. Fox Theatre provides a full benefits packages.

Head Flyman is department head for rigging and fly rail operations for Fox Theatre. Position is expected to be lead liaison between traveling shows and the local crew in all needs concerning rail/rigging and all matters under this department category. Position is expected to perform tasks in other areas without regard to departmental distinction; however, it is understood that these tasks shall not interfere with the safe and professional execution of their primary responsibilities.

Head Flyman shall be experienced in and responsible for the operation of all stage rail/rigging, weight calculations, rail/rigging safety, reading and layout of show rigging plots, and seeing through all show rail/rigging requirements. Head Flyman supervises rail and rigger stagehands in preparing, installing, and operating performance rail/rigging needs.

This position takes a leadership role on all shows or work calls. This leadership role is also responsible for department inventory, maintenance, scheduling, training, budgeting, planning and all other needs as assigned and requested by the Fox Production Managers for the operations of a rail/rigging department at Fox Theatre.


Minimum 7 years of theatrical rail/rigging experience;
Minimum 5 years experience running a crew in a theatre setting.