Installation rigger

Job #2334

Job Type Full Time
Location Duluth, Georgia
Field Default Industry
Post Date Sep 30, 2021
Salary 45,000-53,000/yr

Georgia Stage LLC, is currently looking for an installation rigger.
The Install Rigging is responsible for assisting the Lead Rigger in Formulating the means and methods of equipment installation in
coordination with Project Management by generating a list of equipment needed to complete installation and fabrication of rigging
hardware, battens, curtain tracks, electrical plug boxes/strips and all related items.
Assist Lead Rigger in supervising all aspects of onsite installation with general contractor and a labor force consisting of union
Ironworkers, Electricians, Elevator Mechanics, Carpenters, Stagehands and Non-Union Freelance.
Additional on-site duties include the completion of a job hazard assessment prior to start of work, weekly safety meetings with
installation crew, submittal of daily report detailing the work completed, materials received, safety issues, accidents, etc. and generating
/submitting time sheets for the installation crew and documenting site conditions with photos.
Installations require the rigger work at heights ranging from twelve to sixty feet from floor level and may often call for the use of safety
equipment and climbing. While much of the work involves individual initiative and judgment, working with team members is critical
when performing rigging installations.
Specific work will include the installation of hardware to existing structures, the installation of hanging pipes, beams or tracking and
hardware to concrete, steel, wood, and block walls. Responsible for drilling, securing and testing the operation of head blocks, mule
blocks, sheaves, winches, and components of counterweighted, winched and dead hung systems.
The field Installer is to ensure his work and that of his team always meets the highest quality and safety standards as set forth by GAS,
OSHA, ESTA, USITT, ECTP and any local, regional or national board or institution with jurisdiction over the installation.
Installations occur at the customer’s site and the duration of the stay for a rigger/installer may be from a day trip to a week-long or more.
In some cases, greater lengths of stay maybe required. International travel may be required.
Other duties: Down time, or shop time may be required, prepping pipe, preparing for upcoming jobs or general warehouse maintenance.

Compensation + Benefits
Per hour rate with time and a half for overtime over 40 guaranteed hours per week.
Standard benefits include vacation pay, shared premium health insurance, company paid life insurance-, short- and long-term disability
and access to employee paid vision and dental insurance, medical expense accounts, 401K.
Travel Per Diem is supplied, all job-related travel costs are paid.


• A valid driver’s license
• Ability to pass level three security clearance in multiple states
• Physical ability to lift and carry heavy loads (up to 75lbs alone), walk, stand, sit, crouch, bend, stretch and reach
• Ability to work at heights to sixty feet (and occasionally, ninety feet)
Desired Skill Set
• Knowledge of theatrical rigging practices and procedures.
• Certification or ability to obtain certification: ETCP Theatre Rigging, ETC Prodigy.
• Experience in rigging and installation of counterweight and motorized systems.
• Ability to recognize, tie and determine use of knots and cabling terminations.
• Basic math skills, including but not limited to addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.
• Knowledge of safe climbing skills and practices including ability to rappel, belay, and ascend.
• Ability to work with or without supervision.
• Use authoritative references and “common sense” judgment when making decisions regarding safe
rigging practices and procedures.