Project Manager-R&D

Job #3686

Job Type Full Time
Location Middleton, Wisconsin
Post Date Aug 1, 2022
Salary This is a salaried position, which would pay no less than $61,000. Previous experience and education will be reviewed for successful candidates to determine appropriate wage offering.

Are you looking for an exciting career on the cutting edge of technology development? ETC R&D Project Management is hiring a new Project Manager. This position will assist with the management and coordination of development projects within R&D teams as we develop products that lead the industry and push conventional thinking. Be prepared for a whirlwind of problem solving and strategizing and never have a slow day at work again!

An understanding of engineering terminology & budgeting together with familiarity with Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Project, and related software programs are also advantageous.

If this sounds like a good fit for your talents and experience, we’d love you to apply!

Representative Responsibilities:
• Create and maintain project plans
• Create milestone plans
• Determine deliverables and set target dates
• Set the budget for project costs
• Set the budget for product costs
• Determine risk mitigation strategies
• Execute the Plan
• Track progress of activities
• Track variances to project budget
• Track variances to product costs
• Track variances to schedules, costs or requirements & take necessary action
• Hold team members accountable for completing commitments on time
• Be accountable for the current status of the project
• Protect the Project / Remove Obstacles
• Build an effective team
• Motivate the team
• Communicate and focus the goal for all stakeholders
• Manage issues quickly and get them out of the way
• Escalate issues that cannot be resolved by the team
• Market the Project
• Insure that the goal of the project is understood by all
• Develop effective means for communicating within and outside of the team
• Communicate reality do not overstate good or bad issues
• Always present issues with options and/or solutions
• Communicate what the team is doing to reach the goal
• Ensure that all ISO and Development procedures are followed as they relate to projects
• Maintain Change Control at the project level
• Attend Project Management Line Meetings
• Assist with the development of Line and Department Procedures as needed
• Perform other duties as assigned


• Bachelor’s Degree or 8 years of comparable business experience in increasingly responsible positions in the related discipline
• 0-3 years of job-related experience
• Strong organizational, prioritization skills and attention to detail
• Proven communication and interpersonal skills
• Ability to communicate the objectives of the project and obtain complete team buy in.
• Ability to analyze the situation, take input, and make directional decisions quickly.
• A degree of creativity is necessary in order to recognize subtle interrelationships within the product or system that can be dramatically improved with minimal compromise.
• A high degree of communication skill is necessary to effectively unify the product vision and provide motivation to the Project Team.
• The ability to plan and stay focused on the plan, while being very aware of the “real” state of affairs within the project, in order to be effective.