Joel E. Rubin Founder's Award


The Joel E. Rubin Founder's Award is presented to a USITT member in recognition of outstanding and continued service to the Institute. This award was named in honor of Dr. Joel E. Rubin, co-founder and the second president of the Institute. Given to USITT members in recognition of extraordinary and continued service to the Institute, the award is presented as an important highlight of the Annual Conference & Stage Expo.

Recipients of the Joel E. Rubin Founder's Award

2018 Richard Pilbrow
2016 Lea Asbell-Swanger
2015 Andi Lyons
2013 Tom Young
2012 Robert J. Thurston
2011 Richard Stephens
  Bernhard Works
2009 Arnold Aronson
2008 Richard K. Thomas
  Samuel H. Scripps
2007 Zelma H. Weisfeld
2006 Bruce Brockman
  James R. Earle, Jr.
2005 Lawrence J. Hill
2004 Normand Bouchard
2003 James L. Moody
2002 John S. Uthoff
2001 Jay O. Glerum
2000 Van Phillips
1999 Timothy L. Kelly
1997 Richard Durst
  Jean A. Montgomery
1996 William J. Byrnes
1995 Leon I. Brauner
  Sarah Nash Gates
1994 Joy Spanabel Emery
1993 Mitchell K. Hefter
  Steve R. Terry
  Kenneth E. Vannice
1992 Eric Fielding
1991 Richard Devin
  Christine Kaiser
1990 Willard F. Bellman
1989 Dr. Randall Davidson
  Charles E. Williams
1987 Dr. Richard L. Arnold
1986 Frederick M. Wolff
1985 Charles Levy
1983 Leland H. Watson
1979 Dr. Ronald C. Olson
1978 Hans Sondheimer
1977 Dr. Donald H. Swinney
1976 Leslie Armstrong Smith
  Gary Gaiser
  International Theatre Institute of the U.S.
  Joel E. Rubin, Ph.D., OISTAT President
1975 Arthur Benline
1974 Edward F. Kook
1973 Harold Burris-Meyer
1972 Joel E. Rubin, Ph.D.
1971 Edward C. Cole
1970 Ned A. Bowman
1969 Herbert Kliegl