The Loft Block Society

Supporting USITT as it Rises!



Every rigging system, manual or motorized, requires Loft Blocks.  They support, guide, and insure proper function of the entire system as it moves.

People who have made gifts to USITT through their wills and estates are included in the Loft Block Society. Their support insures the Institute will continue to rise for many years to come.

If you would like to be recognized as part of the Loft Block Society, we need only know that you've made arrangements for USITT as part of your estate plans.  It's quite simple, though an attorney or financial advisor should guide you to insure you get the most from your estate plans.

Planned Gifts that Make an Impact While You are Living include:

Gifts that make an Impact after you die include:

To learn more or make a planned gift, please contact USITT via email or at 315-463-6463 x106

Members of the USITT
Loft Block Society

Richard  L. Arnold
Dennis Dorn
Richard Durst
James "Randy" Earle
Joy Emery
Sarah Nash Gates
Lawrence Hill
Howard Kurtz
Sylvia Hillyard Pannell
Rosco Laboratories
Patricia MacKay 
Kenneth Vannice
Zelma Weisfeld
Bernhard Works