Management Commission

Management Commission provides creative leadership and education to generate strong, dynamic, and effective managers.
Commission Leadership  
Commissioner Tina Shackleford
VC for Programming Laura Lee Everett
VC for Stage Management Michele Kay
VC for Production Management Ryan Gastelum
VC for Arts Management Patricia Hausmann
VC for Diversity Nicole Queenan
VC for Stage Management Mentor Project Cary Gillett
VC for Events Management Donna Flor
Portfolio Review & Interview Materials Prep Coordinator Erin Joy Swank


The Stage Management Mentor Project provides students and young professionals the opportunity to participate in a real life training exercise coordinating major conference events.

Workshops in a variety of management areas are offered during the Annual Conference & Stage Expo.

Portfolio Reviews provide experts in the field to offer critiques to students.

The Distinguished Achievement Award is given to managers who have contributed a lifetime of expertise and experience to theatre management.

The USITT Stage Management Award sponsored by Clear-Com Communication Systems, is awarded to an individual who has demonstrated excellence or outstanding potential in the area of stage management in the performing arts.