Let USITT Help Fund Your Project!

January 7, 2020

Fund your small project with a grant from USITT! Our industry is invariably changing and that is thanks to people like you who have the passion to create a positive impact and change in theatre and live entertainment. Over the years, the Institute has successfully provided monetary funding for USITT members to support their research.

“As the first recipient of the USITT grant program in 1985, I have personally experienced the benefits that research projects and fellowships bring to our members,” said Dennis Dorn, Co-Chair of USITT’s Research Activities Committee. “Recent fundraising efforts have allowed the Grants Program to expand in scope and available funding through the revised Small Grants & Fellowships program now being announced. I urge all members to view these resources as means to expand our personal and industry knowledge, delve into new areas that will rejuvenate our artistic juices, and further enhance the excitement of this fabulously expressive art form we call live performance.”

Turn your project into the industry’s next innovation with the help of USITT. Guidelines and submission information can be found here.