Portfolio, Resume, and Interview Materials Prep (PRIMP) Return for USITT21

February 17, 2021

What exactly goes in a portfolio? Does my discipline even need a portfolio, or can someone help me with what other materials to prep for an interview? How do I convey complicated technical requirements using only a picture and a few sentences?

Portfolios are the enigma of the theatre hiring world because they are rarely able to convey everything that an applicant will bring to a position, yet are often required as part of the interview. Our professionals can help you decide what examples exemplify your work history, how to craft a resume that will stand out, and what types of interview materials may fill in the gaps that a traditional portfolio leaves out. Whether you’ve had a digital portfolio for years, or you just have some documents and images that you think may work, PRIMP should be the next step in your job search journey. PRIMP is available for all 2021 Conference attendees.

Sign up for a 30-minute* timeslot to have your materials reviewed, choosing your focus area from the tabs across the top. Reviews are available in Arts Management, Costumes, Digital Media, Education (*both curriculum and tenure reviews, the latter 75 minutes), Lighting, Production Management, Scenic (including dedicated slots for Props), Sound, Stage Management, and Technical Production. Registration is required by 5p Eastern the night before each opportunity.

PRIMP is a pre-Conference event taking place Feb. 26-28 from 4-6 p.m. EST! Interested attendees MUST register for their 30-minute* PRIMP timeslot by Feb. 25 at 5 p.m. EST! This event is only available to our USITT21 Conference attendees. You may choose to add this free pre-conference session at the time of registration, or by editing your existing registration from “My Registrations." Once added, you'll be able to see the link to SignUp Genius and choose a timeslot in your area/discipline!

If you wish to volunteer as a reviewer, visit the signup tab for your area, and contact your coordinator with your availability. Reviewers will be assigned as appropriate.