Submission Standards and Recommendations

Submission Standards and Recommendations for Theater Technology Exhibit (Tech Expo)

Entries will be accepted based on the quality of the idea, its unique character, and the clarity of the article. Exhibit and catalog presentation is the responsibility of the exhibitor, and must clearly document and display the author’s idea(s). No previously published ideas will be accepted by the committee. See previously published listThe article and exhibit display are each intended to be stand-alone ways of conveying the project.

Article Guidelines:

  • Each article should give enough information so that, assuming some experience on the part of the reader, the project or process can be duplicated.
  • No standard writing style is required for the article, but a description of a step-by-step approach is recommended. It is helpful to include information such as:
    • Budget and/or cost figures
    • List of needed materials, as complete and detailed as possible, including sources such as vendors, contractors, suppliers, etc.
    • Reference all images within the text. For example: (see image 1).
  • Maximum article length is 1000 words.  
  • Articles must be submitted as a text only document, using either .doc or .txt.  You do not need to format your article, as the committee will format it for publishing.  No pdf documents will be accepted.
  • At the end of your article, include a list of your image captions. Example: “JohnSmithImage1 – detail view of the front”. This list can be in addition to the maximum 1000 word article length.
  • To assure that the information in the article is as complete as possible and understandable to others, it is strongly recommended that authors ask one or two people who are not familiar with the project to proofread the material before submission.
  • After an application has been accepted for inclusion in the Tech Expo, Committee members will work with each author to edit and clarify the articles for publication.

Image Guidelines:

  • Graphics, illustrations, draftings, and/or photographs are required to accompany each article, to help visualize the project and/or process.
  • Submit no more than 6 images to accompany your article.
  • Do not imbed any images within the article. All images must be submitted as separate files.
  • All images must be of good quality, clearly showing relevant information.
  • For the file name of each image use your full name and image number as it relates to the article. Example: JohnSmithImage1.tif
  • Graphics and illustrations should be submitted as .tif .jpeg files, and must meet or exceed 600 dpi with all lines black for line drawings
  • Photographs should be submitted as .tif .jpeg files, in black and white/grayscale sized to 1024 x 768 at 300 ppi.
  • Drafting should be submitted as original Vectorworks or AutoCad files.
  • Do not submit original artwork as USITT cannot accept responsibility for its safe return.

Exhibit Guidelines:

  • There is no standard format for the exhibit, though it is best to think of it as similar to a poster session setup. However, unlike a poster session where you would personally explain your work, your Tech Expo display needs to be self-explanatory. Therefore, it is helpful to include some textual information along with your display items.
  • The exhibit space is set up as tables, in available depths of 2’ or 4’, with available widths of 3’, 4’, 6’, or 8’, both dimensions dependent upon the size of your project. Indicate on the Exhibit Application Form your display space needs. Each exhibit space is backed by a 3’ high board for display of images and other printing materials. Note: dependent upon the location of your display within the overall exhibit, the backing board may be shorter than the entire length of your display space. The Committee will clarify with you, prior to the conference, the layout of your display space.
  • If you need floor space next to your display, for a large object such as a dress form, please indicate this on the Exhibit Application Form, being certain to describe your needs.
  • On the Exhibit Application Form clarify any technical support you may need for your display (power, compressed air, etc).
  • It is assumed that all accepted entries will be transported to the conference, set up, and struck by the author or a designated representative. If this is not possible, please contact Tim Francis, Tech Expo Committee Chair, prior to February 1, 2017 for further instructions.
  • The Tech Expo Committee will be available on a limited basis, to assist with setup and strike of displays.
  • Exhibitors need to supply all items needed to display their exhibit, including pushpins, title blocks, etc.
  • The materials exhibited will not be covered under USITT Insurance. USITT assumes no financial responsibility for damage or loss or materials.
  • USITT allows photographs to be taken within the exhibit


All questions about the application process and the exhibit should be directed to:

Tim Francis, Chair of Tech Expo Committee,, (210)999-8586