Technical Production Commission

The Technical Production Commission provides a forum for projects and programs for production people in the performing arts including technical directors, shop managers, facilities managers, craftspersons, stage hands, and technicians. This is accomplished through programming sessions for the USITT Annual Conference & Stage Expo, supporting research projects from the membership, and encouraging the publication and dissemination of information regarding theatre technology.

Commission Leadership  
Commissioner Chuck Meacham
Associate Commissioner, VC for Programming Rich Dionne
VC for Programming Mary Black
VC for Publications Shane Kelly
VC for Interactive Exhibits Jim Lile
VC for Interactive Sessions Verda Beth Martell
Co-Project Leader - CAD Standards Dennis Dorn
Co-Project Leader - CAD Standards Steven Neuenschwander
Co-Project Leader - Fundamentals Group Mary Black
Co-Project Leader - Fundamentals Group Scott Bartley
Project Leader - International Prizes Loren Schreiber
Project Leader - Networking for Women Andi Lyons
Project Leader - Physics of Theatre Verda Beth Martell
Project Leader - Portfolio Reviews Michael Rolleri
Project Leader - Tech Expo Jodi Karjala
Project Leader - Tenured TD Mentorship Mark Shanda
Project Leader - Young TD Mentorship Michael O'Nele
Project Leader - Sustainable Stagecraft Paul Brunner
Project Leader - Commercial Scenic Studio Outreach David Boevers
Delegate - OISTAT Technology Commission Loren Schreiber
Delegate - ESTA Stage Lift Working Group Dan Brinker
Liaison - Diversity & Inclusion Committee Andi Lyons