The USITT Award

NIKON_CORPORATION_NIKON_D4S_605639576-60564341341662The USITT Award, the highest honor given by USITT, recognizes a lifetime of distinguished contribution to the performing arts or entertainment communities in any capacity.

Recipients of this award need not be members of nor have any connection to USITT. The award is presented at the Annual Conference & Stage Expo where the recipient is honored. When appropriate, one or more awards may be given, annually, though not required.



Recipients of the USITT Award

2018 William Ivey Long
2017 Cirque du Soleil Resident Shows Division
2014 James R. Bakkom, Props Maker/Set Designer/Artist
2012 J.R. Clancy, Inc., Rigging Company, Contributing Member, Rigging Safety Sponsor
2011 Southeastern Theatre Conference, Regional Non-Profit for Theatre Arts
2009 Oscar G. Brockett, Theatre Historian/Scholar/Artist
  Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, Non-Profit College Theatre Org
2008 Abe Jacob, Sound Designer
2007 Irene Corey,Theatrical Designer/Innovator/Author
2006 Zelda Fichandler, Producer/Director/Educator
2005 Jarmila Gabrielova, Head of International Theatre Institute, Prague, Czech Republic
2004 Julie Taymor, Director & Costume Designer
2003 Robert Brustein, Theatre Critic/Playwright/Director/Educator/Producer
2002 Jennifer Tipton, Lighting Designer
2001 Philip Glass, Composer
  Theatre Communications Group (TCG), National Theatre Non-profit/Publisher
2000 Harvey Lichtenstein, President/CEO of Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM)
1998 Eldon Elder, Designer/Architectural/Consultant/Author/Educator
  William Warfel, Lighting Designer/Architectural Consultant
1997 William & Jean Eckart, Scene/Costume/Lighting Designers
  Desmond Heeley, Costume & Scene Designer
1996 Dr. W.H. “Deacon” Crain, Theatre Design Collector/Archivist
  Russell Johnson, Theatre Designer/Acoustician/Founder of ARTEC Consultants
1995 Jules Fisher, Lighting Designer/Producer/Theatre Consultant
1994 Paul Libin, Broadway Producer
  Robert L.B. Tobin, Theatre Design Collector & Patron
1993 Ray Diffen, Designer/Draper/Teacher
  Arthur Mitchell, Dancer, Founder of Dance Theatre of Harlem
1992 Ming Cho Lee, Scene Designer & Educator
1991 Martha Coigney, Director of International Theatre Institute's US Center
1990 PQ ’87 Steering Committee members, Whitney Blausen, John Conklin,
  Patricia MacKay, Stan Miller, Roger Morgan, David Ramsey, Carrie Robbins,
  Joel E. Rubin, Ph.D., Samuel Scripps, Doug Schmidt, Jennifer Tipton
1989 John Conklin, Scene Designer
1988 Charles & Olga Altman, Founders of Altman Stage Lighting
1987 Jules Fisher, Lighting Designer & Producer
1986 W. Oren Parker, Lighting & Scene Designer/Educator/Author
  Josef Svoboda, Scenographer/Architect
1985 Stan Miller, Chair of Rosco Laboratories
1983 Peter L. Feller, Scene Builder & Designer, Owner of Feller Studio
1982 Roger Morgan, Lighting & Scene Designer
  Donald Oeslanger, Scene Designer
  Richard Pilbrow, Lighting Designer & Theatre Consultant
  Donald Seawell, Civic Leader & Developer of Denver Center for the Performing Arts
  Oliver Smith, Scenic Designer, Co-Director of American Ballet Theater
1981 Millia Davenport, Costume Designer & Historian
  Charles Elson, Lighting & Scene Designer
  Imero Fiorentino, Lighting Designer & Consultant
  Mordecai Gorelik, Scene Designer/Historian
1980 Theodore Fuchs, Stage Lighting Developer/Theatre Consultant
  Geoffrey Holder, Dancer/Actor/Choreographer/Designer/Director/Producer
1979 Angus Bowmer, Founder of Oregon Shakespeare Festival
  American Conservatory Theater, Non-Profit Theatre Company, San Francisco
1978 Theatre Development Fund, Non-Profit Theatre Development Org, NYC
1977 Robert Wilson, Playwright & Director of experimental theatre
  Roger L. Stevens, founding chair of the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts & the National Endowment for the Arts
  Zelda Fichandler, Co-Founder, Arena Stage, Washington, DC
  Cyril Harris, Acoustical Engineer/Architect/Educator
1976 Michael Bennett, Broadway Choreographer & Director
  T. Edward Hambleton, Theatrical Producer & Founder of Phoenix Theatre
  Theodore Mann, Producer/Director/Co-Founder of Circle in the Square Theatre, NYC
  Tharon Musser, Lighting Designer
1975 Kate Drain Lawson, Costume Designer & Actor
  George Izenour, Stage Lighting Designer/Inventor/Theatre Consultant
  Gordon Davidson, Artistic Director, Center Theatre Group, LA
1974 Harold Prince, Broadway Producer & Director
1973 Arnold Gillette, Scene Designer & Educator, University of Iowa
1972  Joseph "Jo" Mielziner, Scenic & Lighting Designer
1971 Nina Vance, Founder of The Alley Theatre, Houston
1970 Joseph Papp, Founder of the New York Shakespeare Festival & the Public Theater
1969 Ben Schlanger, Movie Theatre Architect
1968 Frederick A. Buerki, Stagecraft Educator & Author, University of Wisconsin
1967 Rosamund Gilder, Theatre Critic & Editor, Co-Founder, International Theatre Institute