Show Sage - An Introduction to WATCHOUT

An Introduction to WATCHOUTShowSage_StackedLogo_2f

Wednesday, March 16, 2016 Salt Lake City
10am - 5pm

Class limit: 30

Session Summary

Show Sage is pleased to present a one-day accelerated introduction of Dataton WATCHOUTTM.  WATCHOUT is the award winning multi-display production and playback solution used in theaters, live events and other venues worldwide.  During the session, attendees will get a comprehensive overview of WATCHOUT’s features and capabilities ranging from the basics of setting up a show to advanced programming techniques to show control techniques.  This will be a highly interactive session with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and share ideas.  Attendees who bring a Windows laptop will also have an opportunity to work with WATCHOUT during the session and all attendees will be provided with a copy of WATCHOUT with which to experiment after the class.

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Presenter: Jim Testa

Jim is the owner and president of Show Sage, Dataton’s North American Premium Partner.  With a broad technical background, a deep knowledge of WATCHOUT and an avid love of theater, Jim works with and supports a large number of producers, designers and programmers across the U.S. and Canada.